Sommer Sonne
We train on the big meadow of treptower park: https://goo.gl/maps/MpNNXqzKUVWKWTGZ7
Call me if you don't find it: 015737827600
In this weekly Handstand class I will be going trough tools to help you understand how to build easy, stable and physically economical handstands. Experiencing and understanding being on your hands is the central part of this course. 
I start with the basics, that are fundamental for a well thought out Handstand practice. I will teach you progressions to achieve a perfectly straight handstand. Numerous exercises will be practiced which help you to understand the shape of the posture. We will play with different movement tasks, developing a secure coordination and balance. Press handstands and Handstand push ups will be covered, if the level is accordingly. For those advanced enough we can also tap into one arm progressions and mexican Handstand drills.
 Flexibility training is part of the class, as are some basic strength progressions.  
The class is open to all levels. 

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